MHS Teacher Spotlights

Name:  Mr. Miller

AKA:  Daddy


When I am not at school, you will probably find me:  at home.  I'm a first class couch potato.

I would have the best chance of winning on (game show or reality show):  Jeopardy

I would have the worst chance of winning on (game show or reality show):  Wheel of Fortune

Most annoying student habit:  running down the stairs to the lunch line.

If you looked in my CD player you would find:  The Rolling Stones

Best place I've ever vacationed:  The Cayman Islands

If I hadn't chosen the teaching profession, my second choice would have been:  Forensic Pathologist

Favorite childhood toy:  My G.I. Joe men

When I was growing up, my favorite celebrity "hottie" was:  Daisy Duke

In high school, I was involved in:  football, basketball, baseball, track.  I was also a regular in detention!

If I had to live on a deserted island with 2 staff members, I would invite  Mr. Havens

and Mrs. Day

because Mr. Havens is like a bigger version of McGyver, and he could figure out how to get off the island.  Mrs. Day because she is vegetarian and would not eat me when things got desperate!

First concert I attended:  AC/DC in Charleston, West Virginia

Best home-cooked meal:  My mom's baked steak

School subject you would HATE to teach:  Math

People would be surprised to know that I  love to garden.

I can play (musical instrument/s):  nothing--but I'm really good at singing in the shower!

I wish they would make new episodes of:  Seinfeld

Best junk food:  hot fries or reese cups

When I was growing up, I usually got in trouble because:  I didn't fear anything.  I would try anything at least once.

Brush with fame--ever met any famous people?  I played a game of one-on-one with Archie Griffin when I was 7 years old.