MHS Teacher Spotlights

Name:Dee-anna Veach



When I am not at school, you will probably find me:  at home spending time with my family or grading papers.

I would have the best chance of winning on (game show or reality show):  Shop till you Drop

I would have the worst chance of winning on (game show or reality show):  Fear Factor YUK!

Most annoying student habit:  not turning in work

If you looked in my CD player you would find:  nothing.  I usually listen to the radio.

Best place I've ever vacationed:  Hawaii

If I hadn't chosen the teaching profession, my second choice would have been:  hairdresser

Favorite childhood toy:  Mrs. Beasley doll

When I was growing up, my favorite celebrity "hottie" was:  David Cassidy

In high school, I was involved in:  marching band, flag team, field commander, concert band, yearbook staff, junior class officer, junior and senior plays, library staff.

If I had to live on a deserted island with 2 staff members, I would invite  Mrs. Patterson

and Miss Gleim

because we could talk about Shakespeare and Chaucer all day long!

First concert I attended:  Alabama in Huntington, WV

Best home-cooked meal:  Chicken & dumplings

School subject you would HATE to teach:  any type of math

People would be surprised to know that I  was once on the board of the Portsmouth Little Theatre and I acted in severals plays there as well as in college.

I can play (musical instrument/s):  piano & clarinet

I wish they would make new episodes of:  Seinfeld

Best junk food:  butter pecan ice cream

When I was growing up, I usually got in trouble because:  trouble?  What trouble?

Brush with fame--ever met any famous people?  I once met Mickey Mouse at DisneyWorld!