Senior Spotlight

Name:  Name


Tattoos or Piercings:  Tattoos or Piercings

Scariest person on earth:  Scariest Person on Earth

Best vehicle:  Best vehicle

My vehicle:  My vehicle

I'd like to be stranded on a desert island with:  I would Like to Be Stranded With

Worst movie I've ever seen:  Worst Movie I have seen

Laughed till I wet my pants when:  Laughted till I wet my pants when

Food I can't live without:  Food I cannot live without

Dumbest childhood stunt:  Dumbest childhood stunt

Best fast food restaurant:  Best fast food restaurant

Biggest phobia:  biggest phobia

Most irritating thing:  Most irritating thing

I'd like to change this school rule:  I would like to change this rule

Favorite cartoon character:  favorite cartoon character

Little known fact about me:  little known fact about me

Brush with fame:  brush with fame

Worst school lunch:  worst school lunch

I can't stay awake in this class:  i cannot stay awake in this class

Someday, you'll see me here:  Someday you will see me here