1924 - 1925 Boys Basketball Team


Back row:  Oberley, Helt, Carr, Kayser, Newman, Bennett, Purdy, Dawson, Frowine, Shuter
Front row:  Snyder, Moore, Downey, Wood-Coach

Information taken from the 1925 yearbook reported by Lowell Oberley:

  Beaver at Minford Lost 32 - 4
  Minford at McDermott Lost 24 - 18
December 19, 1924 Wheelersburg at Minford Lost 24 - 9
  Minford at Otway Won 20 - 12
January 16, 1925 South Webster at Minford Lost 31 - 18
  Minford at Wheelersburg Lost 20 - 8
February 13, 1925 Wakefield at Minford Won 6 - 2
  Otway at Minford Won 25 - 14
February 7, 1925 Scioto County Basketball Tournament at Portsmouth High
MHS vs. Wheelersburg
Lost 19 - 11
  McDermott at Minford

Tied 7 - 7

Tie breaker game
Lost 13 - 11

March 7, 1925 Minford at South Webster Lost 36 - 13


As you glance over the results of this year's games, you will probably draw the conclusion that Minford has had little success in her basketball activities.  But, if you will reason with a few facts that I am going to give you, your mind will be changed.  Last year marked the first appearance of basketball at Minford, and as there was no ability for the game to begin with, it meant hard and slow advancement.  Our coaching for both boys and girls was by one of the teachers who had but little time to spend with us.  This season has brought a change toward great advancement in both the teams, due to the help of Mr. Wood in weekly evening practices.

Beaver at Minford

The basketball season opened with a double header with the fast Beaver teams.  Of course we were no match for them but we made them work.  The game was interesting for it seemed to be a mixture of basketball, football, and fist fights.  The game was close the first quarter, but the Beaver aggregation speeded up and ended the score 32 to 4.

Minford at McDermott

The next game was with McDermott when we expected to beat, but luck seemed to be against us.  The auditorium was lighted only by lanterns hung along the wall and this made accurate playing impossible.  However, Moore and Snyder succeeded in scoring seven and nine points respectively, the game ending 18 to 24 in favor of McDermott.

Wheelersburg at Minford

On December 19th, both Minford teams met the Wheelersburg teams on the Minford floor.  A large crowd was present and a good game was played.  The score ended 9 to 24 in favor of Wheelersburg.

Minford at Otway

Professors Wood and Jones exchanged schools last year and as they were both familiar with both teams, each had planned eagerly to beat the other.  But I guess it ended just right--the Minford boys brought back a victory of 10 to 5, but the girls were defeated 20 to 12.  Hurrah! for the Minford boys.

South Webster at Minford

January 16 came the clash between the Minford and South Webster teams.  Minford boys were in fine condition to play a hard game, and they certainly did for the score at the end of the first half was in favor of Minford.  But in the last half they weakened and the opponents ran up a score of 31 to 18.  Snyder succeeded in scoring 13 points of the total 18.

Minford at Wheelersburg

Minford made a good showing at Wheelersburg because of the surprise given them.  Wheelersburg had played South Webster the night before and intended to put their second team against us, but it was necessary for them to put their entire team on the floor to even keep up with us.  The final score was 8 to 20 in favor or Wheelersburg.

Wakefield at Minford

On February 13th, Mr. Johnson, our first basketball coach, thinking we could play no better than last year, brought his team from Wakefield to combat with us.  Fortunately, we had to disappoint him with a defeat of 6 to 2.  Mr. Johnson is a pretty good scout after all, especially with the girls.

Otway at Minford

Mr. Jones now brought his team over to try his luck again.  I think he intended to get beaten because he even brought the Otway selects;  and you can't guess what happened (if you don't remember).  Minford won three straight games in one evening.  The High School boys won 25 to 14.

Basketball Tournament

On February 7 Minford made a wonderful showing at the Scioto County tournament at Portsmouth High  School gym.  This was our first time playing on a large, regular-size court.  After the drawing took place it was found that we were to play Wheelersburg.  This did not scare us out, for we played an excellent game holding 11 to 19 in favor of Wheelersburg.

McDermott at Minford

Mr. Jones who teaches at both Minford and McDermott, offered a new basketball to the school that won both games.  Both teams must have wanted it very badly for the game ended a tie, 7 to 7.  Four additional periods were played to break the tie, and McDermott finally won the game with a score of 13 to 11.

Minford at South Webster

The game on March 7th marked the close of our basketball season.  South Webster played hard and won by a score of 36 to 13.

Thus ended a season of intensive, but enjoyable practice.  Those of the first team were Snyder and Shuter, forwards; Oberley and downey, guards and Moore and Bennett center.  The substitutes were Newman, Kayswer, Dawson, Carr, Frowine, and Helt.  Those to drop out next year are Snyder, Oberley, Downey and Dawson.