1925 Girls Basketball

Front Row:  C. Conkel, Samson, M. Smith, Knore, Dever, E. Fenner, Rase, Montgomery,
Middle Row:  Poole, Milam, O. Parks, H. Smith, Snyder, L. Fenner, Kuhns, L. Parks, M. Irwin. 
Back Row:  Coaches Wood and Violet.

Information below was taken from the 1925 yearbook written by Lowell Oberley:

November 7, 1924 Wakefield vs. Minford Lost
November 14, 1924 Beaver at Minford Lost 4 - 0
December 5, 1924 Beaver vs. Minford Lost
December 12, 1924 Minford at McDermott overwhelming defeat
December 19, 1924 Wheelersburg at Minford Tied 7 - 7
  Minford at Otway Lost 20 - 12
January 16, 1925 South Webster at Minford Lost 10 - 4
January 23, 1925 Stockdale at Minford Won 11 - 2
February 7, 1925 Minford at Wheelersburg Lost 12 - 4
February 10, 1925 Wakefield at Minford Lost 4 - 2
February 20, 1925 Otway at Minford Won 20 - 7
February 28, 1925 McDermott at Minford Won 18 - 5
March 6, 1925 Minford at South Webster Lost 9 - 7

Beaver at Minford

The girls' first game of the season was on their home floor against Beaver.  Our girls showed great fighting spirit but failed in many attempts to cage the ball, and Beaver won the game 4 to 0.

Minford at McDermott

To cap the Beaver game off Minford girls met with an overwhelming defeat at McDermott.  They were at a disadvantage in players, court, and the rough rules that were played.  That's alright Minford--a poor start usually makes a good ending.

Wheelersburg at Minford

On December 19th the Wheelersburg team played our girls on the Minford floor.  A large crowd was present to see the good game which followed.  Our girls showed wonderful advancement over previous games by leading the score to the end.  However, at the close of the last quarter Wheelersburg tossed a goal and ended the game a tie 7 to 7.  Both the forwards and the guards played and exceptionally good game.

Minford at Otway

After tieing with Wheelersburg the Minford girls felt safe towards the next game which was with Otway, but for some reason, partly on account of the small and crowded court, they were defeated 12 to 20.  After the game everyone forgot about basketball in the enjoyment of a lunch which was served by the Otway group.

South Webster at Minford

The next game was with South Webster here on January 16th.  It was an interesting game, even though our lassies lost 10 to 4.

Stockdale at Minford

After much discussion of the nature of the rules to be used Minford finally agreed to play modified boy's rules with which they were not familiar, and the result was a score of 12 to 4 in favor of Wheelersburg.  No wonder you wanted to play your rules Wheelersburg, or our girls surely have defeated you.

Wakefield at Minford

On February 10 the Wakefield girls were at Minford.  Our girls would have liked to beat Mr. Johnson but the "jinx" seemed to be working and though they had many chances to score the basket appeared too small for the sphere to go through.  The guards deserve to be complimented on their work in this game.  Wakefield won 4 to 2.

Otway at Minford

Although Otway defeated Minford girls over there, our girls turned over a new leaf and defeated them 20 to 7 on the home floor.  It seemed that nothing could keep our forwards, Hulda Smith and Esther Fenner from scoring.  Lunch was served after the game by the girls of the basketball team.

McDermott at Minford

On February 28th our Minford girls again put themselves on the winning list by defeating the McDermott lassies 18 to 5.  Minford certainly appreciated this victory for it prevented the opponents from getting the new ball offered by Mr. Jones.

Minford at South Webster

March 6th brought the close of the basketball season with the game at South Webster on their new court just completed.  Our girls were still on the road to victory but failed at the end by only two points.  This was an exciting game, even if Webster did win 9 to 7.

And so ends the season of basketball and the weeks of practice and fun.  The girls that composed the first team were:  forwards Hulda Smith, Lillin Fenner, Minta Irwin, Nellie Kuhns, Esther Fenner and Margaret Smith; guards Bertha Snyder, Launa Parks, Avanell Milan, and Olive Parks.  Our substitutes were Theora Poole, Lucile Knore, Katherine Rase, Chelsea Dever, Opan Browning, Annabelle Shuter, Clarice Conkel, and Nola Samson.  This year we will lose from our group by graduation the following girls--Bertha, Margaret, Lucile and Katherine.