1946 Baseball Team

Front Row (left to right):  Robert Walters, Harold Cole, Jay Pinson, Paul McGraw, Connie Scott, Lyle Shoemaker, Howard Foster.
Standing (left to right): Coach Pfleger,  William Walters, Paul Sparks, Kenneth Kayser, Gilbert Henson, Sam Melvin, Stanley Bender, Richard Eckhart, Mr. Duncan.
    Although this is the first regular season for several years, the prospects for the team seems very good. Wether an undefeated season is in store cannot be foreseen. The team last year played a few non-leauge games but in those they did well.

    The team is handicapped for lack of a field but Clay has been very gracious in letting us use theirs.

    The team as a whole shapes up very well. The pitching, which is the most important on any high school team, is ably handled by Paul Sparks. In the games played Sparks has shown plentyt of speed and control and ranks with the top pitchers of the county.  Another asset to the team is the able coaching of Roy Pfleger who is much experienced in the field of baseball.

    The team was outfitted with the new uniforms which added much to the appearances of players. There is little doubt but what they will show themselves worthy of them.