Assistant Coach:

Mr. Bill Burchett

School Record Holders

Previous Varsity Teams

2008 - 2009

Matt Brigner 11
Bret Dillow 11
Joey Horn 9
Tyler Smith 9
Tyler Gampp 9

Coach: Chuck Miller


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Aug. 11 Northwest/West/Waverly* Shawnee  
Aug. 12 Waverly/Rock Hill/West Dogwood  
Aug. 14 West/Green/Rock Hill Shawnee  
Aug. 18 S. Webster/Rock Hill/Clay* Shawnee  
Aug. 21 Northwest/Valley/Jackson Elks  
Aug. 26 Waverly/Northwest Dogwood  
Sept. 2 Valley/Northwest Shawnee  
Sept. 3 Clay/Waverly/Northwest Shawnee  
Sept. 4 SOC #1 Shawnee  
Sept. 8 SOC Preview Dogwood  
Sept. 9 SOC #2 Dogwood  
Sept. 10 Portsmouth Elks  
Sept. 11 S. Webster/Eastern Franklin Valley  
Sept. 15 Rock Hill/Northwest/West* Shawnee  
Sept. 16 Valley/Waverly/S. Webster Shawnee  
Sept. 18 SOC #3 Elks  
Sept. 22 Northwest/West/Valley/Waverly* Shawnee  
Sept. 23 Sectional Shawnee  





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