Minford High School
First Golf Team - 1978 - 1979

First Row - Tim Fannin, Sam Ing, Chris Eldridge
Second Row - Craig Gullion, Jeff Humble, Chris Gullion

Seniors Chris Gullion and Jeff Humble approached the administration about organizing a golf team during the 1978 - 1979 school year.  The administration told the young men that if they could find a coach for the team, they would agree to sponsor the team. 

Mr. Bill Hale agreed to coach the new golf team.  The team members were given a cap, shirt, and golf balls.  The golf team members had to furnish their own clubs. 

The home golf games were played at Hidden Hills course on Shumway Hollow Road in Minford.  The golf course is no longer in existence today.

The team accomplished a great deal their first year.  The team placed third in the Sectional Tournament, and they went to the District Tournament.

Flight A - Chris Gullion
Flight B - Jeff Humble
Flight C - Craig Gullion