Minford Tennis 2001


Here are this years seniors, Stevie Noel and Eli Parkes.  They will be playing 1 and 2 singles using their eight years of combined high school tennis experience.


Here are the Juniors this year.  From left, Wes Seibert, Caleb Gullion, Jared Bentley, and Anthony Perkins. Not pictured Jesse Dadosky. More than likely, they will make up this years doubles teams.  This will be Caleb's third year playin.  Jared, Jesse and Wes' second; while Perkins comes in this season a rookie.


This years Sophomores consist of, from left, Warren Martin, Nathan Franke, Derek Marion, and Brad Figlestahler.  Nathan will be playin singles while the other three will be fightin for varsity positions.  Nate and Warren each have one year under their belt while the other two are just rookies.


This is this years lone freshman, Cris "Zeus" Parker.  It is his first time playing tennis and he will also be tryin to fight for a varsity position.