Sophomore Class Photo
Information taken from the 1925 Yearbook

C. Dodds, R. Grimshaw, R. Shoemaker, G. Giles, V. Kayser, J. Carr, P. Helt
F. Frowine, F. Lockhart, H. Bennett, G. Knore, E. Moore, F. Shuter, R. McGlone
G. Montgomery, Z. Conkel, A. Beadle, H. Carr, A. McCain, M. Heywood, I. Dodds
H. Andre, E. Powell, N. Samson, E. Irwin, A. Coriell, H. Snyder, M. Irwin, A. Milam, A. McCain

The Sophomores

We, the Sophomores of MHS
We're going through college, yes, yes yes!
Perhaps we'll be students of some University
With plenty of pep and much curiosity.

We, the Sophomores of MHS
We're always on time you had better guess,
If our principal, Mr. Wood, was not there,
We were gentlemen and ladies, And did what was fair.

By Chloe Montgomery