Freshman Class History - 1925


We, the pupils of the Freshman Class, entered Minford High School September 8, 1924, numbering twenty-three. However, three of them have since left school and we now have only one score.

In the fall we held a class meeting and elected the following members: President, Esther Fenner; Vice President, Everett Snyder; Secretary, Annabelle Shutter; and Treasurer, Ada Irwin. We chose Scarlet and Gray for our class colors, which we hope to keep throughout high school; the white lily for our class flower; and "Climb Though The Rocks Be Rugged," for our class motto.

During the year we had several delightful times together. On one occasion we enjoyed a Freshman Class Party given by the Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors. We were then initiated into High School Life. On New Year's Eve the school gave a New Year's Eve Party, for the benefit of our Annual, and all the Freshman were present and had a very good time.

We feel that we have had a very successful year, but with the help of our teachers we are sure we shall do better, when we reach the Sophomore year.