Freshman Class Poem 1925

is for Ada whose eyes are so blue,
  To Jonny CArr she is very true.
A is for anabelle, whose wit we have seen
  Demonstrated in English, for she is so green.
B is for Bernard the wise kid so slow,
  Who in Science had a "short circut", you know
C is for Chelsea a wise lass of sixteen,
  Who in her studies is "intellectually(?)" supreme.
C is for Clarice with brown eyes and hair,
  Who wouldn't succeed is Dale wasn't there.
C is for Carl in English is right,
  Who wrote on his paper "A green freshman is so Bight".
C is for Cathlyn the lass from Long Run,
  Who comes to school just for fun.
D is for Dale an athlete to be,
  But book to our Dale in troublesome you see.
E is for Ester, the freshman's fair blonde,
  Of a sophmore boy she is very fond.
E is for Erma, our strar serene,
  Who in her studies is very keen.
E is for Everett so short and so small,
  But in our cheers he directs us all.
E is for Elmo the last of our____E's,
  Who crosses his I's and dots his T's.
G is for Gretna, a very small lass,
  Who won first prize in our sewing class. (?)
L is for Lloyd who in English is so low,
  He said, "A guillotine's a place for women to sew."
M is for Marie, who like to talk,
  Because she doesn't like to walk.
M is for Myrl who is always so nice,
  And looks as if he's eating some hard boiled "Rice".
O is for Olive so intellectually keen,
  Who looks like a pickel, bright and green.
T is for Teddy the last of our list,
  Who detention has never missed.