H. A. Brown

Article taken from The Portsmouth Times, February 25, 1893

H. A. Brown, one of Harrisonville's enthusiastic farmers, was in Protsmouth Wednesday, and discoursed cheerfully about the general prospect of the community.  He is secretary of the Farmers' Institute and was re-elected at the meeting held there on the 3d and 4th of this month.  The discussions at this meeting were productive of much good.

The chief industry around Harrisonville is dairying.  The best butter in the county is made in that section.  Jersey cows are kept, and nearly every farmer has from five to twenty.  Commissioner Brown has just invested a hundred dollars in a registered yearling Jersey bull, which he expects from Columbus next week.

Besides being interested in the diary interests,Brown & Sons propose to engage extensively in the poultry business.  They will begin this spring with a dozen breeds, including light barhmas, buff cochins, white and brown leghorns and Hambers.  The step is a commendable one and ought to be imitated by at cast a hundred farmers in Scioto county.