Minford Firemen Get
White Gravel Alarm

Article taken from The Portsmouth Times, Saturday, May 8, 1948, p. 14.

Eleven Minford volunteer firemen responded to an alarm at 7:30 p.m. Friday when word was received at the independent telephone exchange that the home of Clifford Hickman on White Gravel road was ablaze.

When the firemen covered the five miles they found that neighbors had formed a bucket brigade and checked the fire, which started in a defective flue in the living room.

Damage to house and furnishings was estimated at about $150, covered by insurance.

Fire Chief A. F. Bowman headed the volunteers who responded to the alarm sounded by the town's four sirens, which are turned on when word of a fire is flashed to the telephone exchange. The operator is able to turn on the sirens.