Firemen Save Minford Home

Taken from The Portsmouth Daily Times, Saturday, December 23, 1950, p. A-11.

Overheated Stove Cause Of $100 Blaze

    An overheated cook stove caused $100 fire damage at a Minford residence at 8 a.m. today.

The volunteer Minford fire department was called to the home of Emerson Conkle where heat caused

the ceiling and one wall of the adjoining room to ignite.

    Mr. Conkle told firemen he had arisen early, started a fire in the stove in order to heat the house and

then went back to bed only to be awakened later by crackle of flames and the smell of smoke.

    Chief A.F. Bowman, who had been fox hunting two miles from Minford, heard the alarm and arrived

at the scene of the fire as his firemen were heading back to the station.

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