1968 - 1970
A New High School is Constructed

Text taken from the Minford Schools information booklet distributed at the open house, 1969.

On January 5, 1970, the new Minford High School was opened to students.

The new total electric high school building represents the latest in design and facilities in a secondary school.  Flexibility is provided for large group instruction by the folding doors between three rooms on the third floor.

The wide and well-lighted halls make movement of traffic between classes easy with the minimum of confusion.

Color has been added to the building by the variety of colors on the walls, varying floor tile, carpet in the library, and in the selection of furniture.

Mrs. Rita King's Senior Physics Class
Left to right:  Tom Townsend, John Hinze, Jerry Ellsesser, William Dodson, Mike Crawford,
John Young, Jim Addington

This well-equipped science room will provide
challenges and opportunities for students for many years.

A modern electrical kitchen unit
makes the Home Economics classes a real pleasure.