Warrants Out For 2 Bankers
Article taken from The Lima Daily News, August 10, 1933

Cincinnati, O., Aug. 10

Warants for the arrest of Daniel Conroy, president, and Clarence Nadler, vice president, of the First National bank, of Portsmouth, O., were issued in federal court here today.  The men are charged with conspiracy to violate the national banking laws.

The two men were accused of making false entries in books of the bank and with making a false report to the comptroller of the currency concerning the condition of the bank.

He reported, though, that while he had agreed to 5 percent lower pay for miners in northern West Virginia, east of the Mississippi and south of the Ohio river, "there is not the slightest evidence that the cost of living is lower in the south;  x x x Such evidence as exists indicates that very possibly the cost of living is higher on the average in southern than northern communities."

Urges Six Hour Delay
The differential was accepted, he said, "in the hope that we may be able to establish fair relative rates of pay in and between competing districts."

Establishment of a six-hour-day-five-day-week, Lewis testified.