Club Owners Back Rickey's Team Policies

Article taken from The Ames Daily Tribune, August 18, 1954

 PITTSBURGH (UP) - General Manager Branch Rickey Sr. today had assurance from  principal stockholders of the Pittsburgh Pirates they would continue to back his policies of running the team.

  Club President John Galbreath said that if Rickey "feels he still wants to continue actively even in 1956, it's okay with us."  Rickey announced 10 days ago he will step down as general manager after next year.

  Bing Crosby, vice president of the team, told Rickey by telegram that he is "wholeheartedly" in support of Rickey's management of the club, which Tuesday night won its fifth straight against Brooklyn.

  Crosby denied criticizing the Pirate general manager or having influenced Rickey's decision to retire.