Major League Roundup

Article taken from The Ames Daily Tribune, May 16, 1945

NEW YORK. (U.P.)-They laughed when boss Branch Rickey brought out his 1945 Brooklyn Dodgers. But today, just one month later, the laughs have turned to cheers that reached a crescendo when the team won it's 10th straight game last night.
That's something that hasn't happened to a Dodger club since September of 1943, which was before Manager Rickey instituted his "Bobby Sox" youth movement in full scale proportions.
Proabably not even Rickey figured the youngsters would move into winning stride so quickly, since he emphasized he was building a "post-war" team. Yet, sparked by the kids and steadied by the few oldsters on the club. They have the longest winning streak of the major league campaign, the last five games being taken against the tough western opposition.