Rickey Praises Jackie Robinson

Article taken from The Elyria Chronicle Telegram, April 18, 1964

Crusading Rickey

praises Robinson

SAN JOSE, Calif. (UPI) - Branch Rickey, who smashed baseball's color line when he signed Jackie Rovinson to a Brooklyn Dodgers contract, believes the Negro still is undergoing "cruel and brutal treatment in American societ."

During a visit to San Jose State College Friday, the veteran baseball magnate said "I think the Negro race has been marvellously patient. I'd like to see those opposing integration put on a black skin for 24 hours and find out what happens to them."
He also prasied the contributions Robinson made to both baseball and race relations.

"The Negro race never will be able to discharge the obligations it owes Robinson for the burdens he carried," Rickey said.

"Jackie was a cocky type of persons with chips on both sholders and resentful of insults as any man should be," Rickey said. "He and I agreed that he would be tolerant of such insults for the two of three year periodthat would be needed for the situation to adjust."

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