Distribution of the Holy Oil

Article taken from The Hamilton Daily Republican, April 5, 1895

Distribution of the Holy Oils.

The reverend deans will send to the cathedral for the holy oils and distribute them at such a time and place as will best suit the convenience of the members of their deanery.  The holy oils will be given at the cathedral only to the persons appointed to distribute them.  The deans will send a postal card to the members of their deanery, notifying them when and where they should call for the oils.  High mass can not be celebrated on Holy Saturday are likewise observed with due solemnity.  For the guidance of the reverend clergy we lay down the following rules based upon various decisions of the S. R. C.

Priests residing in Hamilton county will get the holy oils at the cathedral from the chancellor at 2 o' clock; those living in Brown, Clermont, Adams, Highland, Butler, Warren, Clinton, Preble, Ross, Scioto and Pike counties from the Rev. Jeremiah A. Murray, Church of the Atonement, at 1:30 o' clock; priests in Montgomery, Fayette, Greene, Madison, Darke, Clarke, Shelby and Mercer counties will be notified by Rev.