White Orders Game Preserve Be Kept Open

Article taken from The Lima News, November 19, 1931

The thought of a brass band blaring in a deer refuge around Conservation Commissioner William H. Reinhart to heated criticism of his predecessors today in a statement announcing that the Roosevelt game perserve will not be abandoned.

"Resort tactics" of former conversation officials and "a holdup game by racketeers" were blamed for past difficulties ar the 8,000-acre Scioto co. refuge by the commissoner.

At the order of Governor Goerge White, a "new deal" is to be given the perserve, and the 300 deer, which the conservation council first planned to sell, will be retained, Reinhart said.

Unsuccessful efforts to propogate deer in the past were declared by the commissioner to be due largely to incorrect management.

"Last year somebody took a band to the perserve. A band in a place where you are trying to propagate deer! The idea!" he exclaimed. "That's a game refuge not a circus."

Reinhart was persuaded to recommend that deer propogation be continued when the Portsmouth Chamber of Commerce agreed to pay deer damage claims, which ordinarily are paid from state finds.

"Portsmouth people told me we were the victims of a 'racket,' and that excessive damages were charged us," he added.

Reinhart indicated that he probably will not oppose an anticipated request by sportsman that a short open season be allowed on deer.

"The wild turkeys on the perserve are so tame they will eat out of your hands." Reinhart said, hinting that turkey propgation may be discontinued.

Portsmouth persons anxious that the perserve be kept open as before promised to police the tract. It was not believe that additional funds will have to be spent by the conservation division for game protectors there, however.