Game Preserve Funds Ordered Investigated

Conservation Council Seeks to Determine Cost of Operation

Reinhart Dealt Blow

Members Wants Full Inquiry Before State Decides If Refuge Stays Open

Columbus, Ohio - Nov. 27 - (INS) - An investigation of the finances of the roosevelt game preserve in Scioto-co was ordered today by the state conservation council.

The action was taken after the council dealt a hard blow at Conservation Commissioner William H. Reinhart by refusing to vote immediate approval of his promise to Portsmouth sportsmen that deer propagation will be continued.

Harry Walter Hutchins, Cincinnati member of the council, requested that the council ask the state auditor to give a report of the financial condition of the preserve and his fellow members quickly voted to approve his suggestion.

Serious objections to action by the commissioner in announcing that the preserve will not be abandoned were raised by Dr. H. C. McClelland, of Piqua.

"Are we getting value received at the Roosevelt game preserve? Let's go into this thing thorly and spend a week if necessary in tramping over the ground. I'm not going to pass on this question until I know what I'm doing," McClelland declared.

McClelland also demanded to know whether a cost sheet could be obtained to reveal how much money had been expended at the refuge. Hutchins' request that the state auditor be asked to submit a report followed an answer by Reinhart saying that he did not have such information at hand.