Julia's Family

Ethel Marlowe - Julia's cousin

The Atlanta Constitution, November 17, 1898:

Was Playing Polly Love in "The Christian"

New York, November 16 - Ethel Marlowe, a cousin of Julia Marlowe, died at the Knickerbocker theater tonight during a performance of "The Christian," in which she played the part of Polly Love.  She was twenty-four years old.

The Washington Post, January 22, 1933:

Sister of Marlowe to Return to Stage
Mrs. Lord to Appear at Charleston Tonight After Fifteen-Year Retirement

Special to the Washington Post:
Charleston, W.Va., January 3

After fifteen years of retirement, Mrs. Charles Lord, of this city, sister of Julia Marlowe and herself at one time a well known actress under the name of Marion Broughton, will return to the stage here tomorrow night in a three-act comedy drama, "Mr. Pim Passes By."  The play is to be given under local auspices with an entire local caste.

Mrs. Lord has played in stock in Kansas City, and has appeared in Shakespearean productions with her sister in London, toured America and appeared with many prominent actors and actresses.  She was the youngest of four hcildren, born in Keswick, Cumberland, in the nothern part of England.  Her maiden name was Anna Brough, and her sister, Julia Marlowe's maiden name was Sara Frances Brough.

They came to America when Anna was 6 years old.  She and her sister, Julia, appeared with Joseph Jefferson in "Rip Van Winkle."  Later, she played child parts with Fanny Davenport, Edwin Booth and Lawrence Barrett.