Julia's Travels & Performances

The cities listed below are but a sample of Julia's travels and performances.

February 1888 Grand Opera House Cincinnati, OH  
May 1890 Carson Opera House Carson, NV The Chimney Corner, "The Living Statue
December 1892   Ogden, UT As You Like It
April 1896 Albaugh's Opera House Washington, DC Romeo & Juliet
January 1897 Euclid Ave. Opera House Cleveland, OH Much Ado About Nothing
November 1897 Grand Opera House Atlanta, GA For Bonnie Prince Charles
January 1898 Knickerbocker Theatre New York, NY As You Like It
April 1898   Cleveland, OH For Bonnie Prince Charles
Summer 1898   Summered in Switzerland  
December 1898 Grand Opera House Atlanta, GA The Countess Valeska
February 1900 Poli's Theatre Naugatuck, CT Barbara Frietchie
September 1901 Poli's Theatre Naugatuck, CT When Knighthood Was In Flower
December 1902 The Criterion Theatre New York, NY The Cavalier
1903   New Haven, CT Fools of Nature
July 1904   Summered in a cottage in the Catskills  
July 1905   London, England--signed a new 5-year contract with Charles Frohman  
July 1905 National Theatre Washington, DC Much Ado, Hamlet, Romeo & Juliet
August 1905 National Theatre Washington, DC  
September 1905   Cleveland, OH  
November 1905 Kickerbocker Theatre New York, NY  
January 1906 National Theatre Washington, DC  
March 1906   Pittsburgh--sprained ankle  
June 1906   Des Moines, IA  
July 1906   Summered in Kensington, England  
September 1906   Returned to US on steamer Deutchland  
October 1906 Lyric Theatre Philadelphia, PA Jeanne d'Arc, John the Baptist, The Sunken Bell
Summer 1907   London, England, Italian Lakes, French Rivera, Paris  
January 1908 Belasco Theatre Washington, DC Gloria
January 1908 Academy of Music Baltimore, MD When Knighthood was in Flower
May 1910   Chicago Twelfth Night
October 1910   Boston, MA MacBeth
January 1911   Washington, DC MacBeth, Taming of Shrew, Hamlet, Romeo & Juliet, Merchant of Venice
July 1911 The Broadway New York, NY MacBeth
February 1912 Belasco Theatre Washington, DC 7 Shakespeares plays
May 1912   Chicago, IL - leased the home of Mrs. Richard Harding Davis  
July 1912   Vacationed north or Ireland  
March 1913 Colonial Theatre Cleveland, OH  
October 1913 Belasco Theatre Washington DC  
December 1913   Ft. Worth, TX  
January 1914   Los Angeles--came down with appendicitis and went to New York for treatment  
December 1914   Resting at Washington, DC at 1642 29th St., in the G. B. Wagner home  
August 1915   Summered in Litchfield, CT  
July 1917 Empress Theatre   Sowers & Reapers
April 1920 Poli's Theatre Naugatuck, CT The Taming of the Shrew, Hamlet, Twelth Night
January 1924 Poli's Theatre Naugatuck, CT  
November 1924   Wintered in Monte Carlo  
Summer 1941 Oakwood Inn Summered in Great Barrington, MA  


In 1941, Julia traveled to the Oakwood Inn, in Great Barrington, Massachusetts.  Evidently Julia went there to escape Europe and Hitler.  Details of the trip were revealed in the November 21, 1950 Berkshire County Eagle newspaper.  Julia has just passed away when the article was written.

Although it was in 1941, Oakwood Inn, Great Barrington, still remembers actress, Julia Marlowe who just died.  She had retired then from the stage, but arrived with 10 trunks, 80 gowns, and a maid.  She stayed all summer, added a nice theatrical touch, and fascinated the other guests with stories of show people.  She was a de luxe refugee from her home in London, a Paris apartment and a villa in Cairo, Egypt because of Hitler, who had rather stolen the show.