Soldier Beaten in Chicago Train; Assailant Cheered

Article taken from The Clearfield Progress, July 14, 1966

Chicago (AP) -- A soldier stationed in Chicago was beaten and robbed aboard a subway train today while 25 passengers cheered his assailant, detectives said.

The victim is Richard Bloomfield, 25, an Army specialist fourth class assigned to a Nike base on the south side. His home is in Portsmouth, Ohio.

He was treated in a hospital where stitches were taken in a cut above his right eye.

Bloomfield said that just after he boarded the train at a near north side station a man confronted him and said, "Give me your money or I'll kill you."

When the soldier refused, the man tore off Bloomfield's eyeglasses andbegan beating him.

Two Chicago Transit Authority detectives, Charles Berglund and Joseph Ezerski, came into the car while Bloomfield was being assaulted.

"We had to draw our guns on the whole crowd," Berglund said. "We had no choice. They were all chanting--cheering on the assailant."

The detectives seized James Person, 27, who was charged with robbery and battery and held for an appearance in the felony division of circuit court.

Bloomfield is white. Most of the passengers in the car were Negroes, the detective said.

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