Reputed Millionaire's Estate

Special to the Dispatch

Article taken from The Columbus Dispatch, October 24, 1895

Portsmouth, O., Oct. 24

The estate of George Davis, who died here two years ago, reputed to be a millionaire, has been found to be totally insolvent.  The administrator, Hon. A. T. Holcomb, has paid off some preferred claims and has left but about $100,000 in assets with which to pay over $600,000 liabilities.

The assets consist mainly of Portsmouth real estate, stock in the distilling and cattle feeding trust, now much depreciated, and lands in Scioto and Jackson counties, among which is a large farm in the Scioto Valley, recently sold by the administrator for $80,000.  Davis was *(film is unreadable) ings bank and also on the board of its president, John W. Overturf, as city collector, and the estate is held liable for the amount of city funds lost by Overturf in the wreck of the bank.