Extraordinary Circumstance

Article taken from the Newark Reporter March 21, 1829.

George Telston left Cincinnati about the 1st of October last, about eleven o'clock, A.M. He was then keeping a clothing store in Cincinnati, Ohio. He handed the key of the store to his wife, and told her he was going down town, and should return in a few hours --- but strange to tell, he has not yet returned, nor been heard of since;

And what is most strange, if he went away with an intention not to return, that he did not take money and goods with him, as he had an oppertunity of taking either or both. He took no clothing with him save those which he had on.

He is 31 years of age, 5 feet 8 or 9 inches high, slender built, blue eyes, black hair, a little inclined to be bald headed, has lost many of his double teeth, and walks very erect. He is a tailor by trade.

He had on when he went away, a fine blue broad cloth coal and vest steel mixed cloth panteloons and a large black fat hat.

He was married about ten years since, all of which time he lived very agreably with his family.

Any person or persons who may see said described person, will confer a lasting favor on a poor woman and three children, by communicating the same to John Noel, at portsmouth, Ohio.