Jones, Emmett, Seymour Feud

A Vendetta in Ohio
Three Leading Families Engage in a Feud

The Trouble is Long Standing

Article taken from The Deming Headlight, March 19, 1895

PORTSMOUTH, March 18,--Carey's Run, several miles below this city in the trhoss of a warlike vendetta, in which three leading families, the Jones, the Emmetts and Seymours are the active parties.  The feud is of long standing, but the Jones and Seymours have recently joined forces through reconciliation brought on by intermarriages.

Fridayt night the Emmetts strung a barbedwire between two trees just where it would catch the Jones boys, who always passed that way after nightfall driving cattle.  The wire did it's work so well that two of the Jones were badly hurt and their families with the Seymours were at once aroused.

At midnight the angry countrymen, armed with shotguns, corncutters and clubs stormed the Emmett house and drove everybody from it to the woods in the rear, except old man Emmett who held the fort with his gun.  He shot one of the Jones who fell in his tracks and his assailants fled.

Details of the affair are hard to obtain, but the wounded man is said to be dangerously hurt.