Mrs. Meyers Inherits Money
Her Good Luck
Mrs. Meyers, a Ninth Street Washer Woman, Said to Have Inherited Several Thousand Dollars

Article taken from The Portsmouth Times, December 8, 1894

Mrs. Meyers, a lady residing on Ninth street, just above North Waller, received word a few days ago of the variety that is almost too good to be true. Mrs. Meyers is quite an old lady and has thus far succeded in providing herself with the necessities of this life by dint of ther own exertion. A few days ago she received word that a wealthy relation in Germany had died and left an immense fortune in care of the German goverment for distribution among this relatives in case any of them could be located. The German goverment at once instituted a diligent search, and succeded in locating several of the relatives of the deceased in this country. Mrs. Meyers being among the number. It is said that her share of the fortune will amount to several thousand dollars. Her friends will be glad to hear of ther good fortune. Mrs. Meyers has left for Dayton where she goes to look after her claims.