Mrs. Robert Trexter

Article taken from The Hamilton Daily Republican, August 20, 1894

Deserted by Her Husband - She is in Destitute Circumstances.


A young woman about 25 years old, accompanied by her two children, a boy aged 5 and a girl aged 7, applied for relief several days ago to the officials of the Childrens home. She said her name was Mrs. Robert Trexter and that her husband had deserted her, leaving her in a very destitute condition. Her situation is very distressing. as she hasn't a penny and no means of securing any money. She said she had a brother in the shoe factory business in Portsmouth who was in good circumstances. She did not seem to want him to know how her husband had treated her. Mrs. Trexter wanted her children admitted to the home or enough money to take her to Portsmouth. Her husband is said to have abused her shamefully and deserted her without cause.

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