Millionaire Peter Hayden Forgets His Own Name

Article taken from The Mitchell Daily Republican, South Dakota, December 16, 1887

Speaking of loss of memory reminds me of a singular incident in the career of the New York millionaire Peter Hayden. On one occasion he was in the town of Portsmouth, OH, attending to some business, and went to the postoffice to see if there were any letters for him.

"Any mail for me?" he inquired of the clerk.

"What name, please?" was the response; but for the life of him the capitalist could not recall it. Going out upon the street he met an acquantance, who greeted him saying: "How are you today, Mr. Hayden?"

"That's it," was the rejoinder of the New Yorker, and then explaining his strange demeanor to his friend he hurried back into the postoffice and gave the required information to the clerk.

The was actual occurrence, and no one enjoyed the joke afterward better than the Victim. - St. Paul Globe.