Charles Tilton and Charles Butcher Skip for St. Louis

Two Madison Street Husbands Deserted by Their Wives, Who Leave Very Suddenly

Article taken from The Daily Times, August 9, 1895

Charles Tilton and Charles Butcher, of Madison street, are seeking consolation today.  Both were married a short time ago and now both have been deserted by their better halves.  Tilton's wife sold furniture and jewelry enough to but two tickets to St. Louis and with the Butcher woman she left for that point yesterday.  It will be remembered that Mrs. Tilton was enamored of a certain worthless fellow named Hargraver, whose home is in St. Louis, and who came here a few months ago and wanted to marry the Tilton woman, whose name was Abrams then.  After he had squandered all his money on her she refused to have anything to do with him and he left here, announcing his intention of committing suicide.  He changed his mind, however, and is still living in St. Louis, where his mother owns a large dry goods store.  He is worth considerable money.  It is thought that Mrs. Tilton and her companion have gone to see him, and will likely come back in a few days with costly dresses and dazzling diamonds.