Ward Family in Distress

Article taken from The Marion Daily Star, May 5, 1894

Daniel Augustine, infirmary director, was in Scioto County this week, and returned with the Ward family--a mother and seven children, ranging in ages from 8 to 1 years Friday. The family were residents of this county, having until last falll resided near DeCliff. At the time they were under the guardianship of the infirmary directors and it was the intention to bring them in to the infirmery, but they moved away without the knowledge of the directors, and when Superintendent Hogan went after them they were gone. At that time the father was alive but had no means of supporting the large family, eight in all; the oldest boy has since undertaken to support himself.

Since removing to Scioto county the family has resided in a little huvel located among the hills, while the father was engaged upon a saw-mill. Two weeks ago, however, he was taken suddenly ill and died within forty-eight hours thereafter, leaving the family in want and distress, without clothing and without food. It was in this condition that they were found by the infirmary director, whose heart was touched by the sad picture presented. With a spark of pride that poverty had not succeeded in entirely extinguishing the poor woman resented the idea of returning here to be placed in the infirmary, but under the promise that stern measures would be employed to compel her to return, she reluctantly obeyed.

The efforts of the infirmary authorities will now be directed toward getting places for the children who have arrived at sufficient age to be placed out in private families.