It Will Be Investigated at Portsmouth
Suspicious of Poisoning Are Entertained
In the Meantime, to Await the Coroner's Verdict, a Women Will be Held

Article taken from The Columbus Dispatch, September 27, 1895

Portsmouth, O., September 27 - A man named Jesse Bond died here early this morning under circumstances that have led the authorities to set on foot a thorough investigation.  He was brought into town Thursday night by his wife in a covered wagon with two small children and some household goods.  He was unconscious and had been so since leaving Lucasville, 10 miles north of this city.

According to the wife's story, they had been living near Chillicothe a few weeks where he had found employment on a farm for himself and team.  Upon being thrown out of work, he decided to go to Ironton or Central City, where he has relatives.  They started to drive down the Portsmouth & Columbus pike, and he became very ill after reaching Waverly and rapidly became worse.  Upon reaching this city he was taken in charge by the city physician, but nothing could be done for him.

The wife tells conflicting stories and is being held to await the result of the coroner's inquest.  He had all the symptoms of narcotic poisoning.  The wife is quite young.  The family passed through here some weeks ago on their way from Maysville, Ky, to Chillicothe.  They were without means of procuring shelter and were allowed to sleep in the station house.  The wife says she got him some medicine at Lucasville, but will not say what it was.

Article taken from The Columbus Dispatch, September 28, 1895

"Twas Accidental
Special to the Dispatch
Portsmouth, O., Sept. 28

In the case of Jesse Bond, the man from Chillicothe, who died here Friday morning, the coroner decided that death was caused by an overdose of acetanilid, administered by his wife.  She has been released from custody, as she proved that she obtained the medicine upon the prescription of a Lucasville physician.

Article taken from The Columbus Dispatch, October 1, 1895

Portsmouth, O., October 1

The authorities are still investigating the circumstances leading to the death of Jesse Bond, of Vaughn, the man who was brought here from Chillicothe in a dying condition last Friday. 

A partial coroner's verdict was given out unofficially for the purpose of throwing off their guard a women who was with him and certain other persons.  The woman who brought Bond here and who has been with him for the past few months, is believed not to be his wife.  The real wife, as the information runs, is still in Maysville, KY.  The woman who is known here as Mrs. Bond was released temporarily, but is again in custody and will be placed on trial today for alleged adultery. 

Dr. Warwich, of Lucasville, testifies that he gave Bond but five grains of acetanilid, and that the woman gave herself no concern as to his illness, remaining in the covered wagon utterly indifferent while Bond was trying to rise to his feet from the gutter where he had fallen.