Selby Stadium

Article taken from The Zanesville Signal, October 13, 1940


If you wich to see one of the most beautiful stadiums (or stadia, as the Latins have it) which we have seen in many a day. We would suggest that you have a look at Selby Stadium, Delaware, which was sponsored by the Selby family of shoe fame at Portsmouth. There are very many that are much larger and there are many which have more beautiful natural settings, such as the ones at Denison and Muskingum, but for sheer artistry of construction we believe the one at Wesleyan is tops. We were told that the Wesleyan stadium. while not large, is really over built and that the north stand is really not required to hold the crowds. It made us wish that there were some way to move a solid concrete stand because here is one that we might secure at a real bargain. And the north stand is just what our own Municipal Stadium needs to take care of spectator requirements. The trouble with that. we are told. is that a permanent north stand here would interfere decidedly with the layout of the baseball field.