Crash May Cost Two Lives

Norfolk and Western Engineers Hurt at Luray Suffered Fractured Skulls

Article taken from The Washington Post, July 18, 1914

Roanoke, Va., July 17.-Two of the members of the Norfolk and Western Railway valuation corps who were injured last night when their railway motor car collided with an automobile at a crossing near Luray, Va., were reported to dying tonight i a hospital in this city. They are F. B. Garrett, of Roanoke, whose skull was fractured, and W. W. Dickerson, of Marion, Va., who also has a fractured skull.

W. G. Geinheimer, of Wheelersburg, Ohio, reported to be-in a serious condition earlier in the day, was better tonight. He suffered a severe cut on the head and numerous sprains. The other members of the corps, it is said, will recover.

The automobile was owned by the Rev. Walter Strickler, president of the Newmarket and Sperryville Turnpike Company. In it with him was his nephew, Harper Strickler, who was driving. The crash came as the auto ran onto the tracks. It was torn to pieces.

The injured in addition to those mentioned, are H. G. Henderson, Lynchburg, crushed and injured internally; J. C. Wall, Huntington, W. Va., arm broken and otherwise injured, and C. P. Osborn, of Roanoke, head injured.