No more bugs! No more pesky bugs!

Avoid aggravation! With its unique Automatic Error Reporting and Debugging system, ScriptEase:WebServer Edition provides protection that keeps bugs from bringing down your web server. ScriptEase:WebServer Edition prevents mega-aggravated-webmaster syndrome as seen in our friend here who is developing web pages without using ScriptEase:WebServer Edition.

Automatic Error Reporting

ScriptEase:WebServer Edition automatically finds bugs as it executes, and reports those errors back to you directly, including the line number where the error occured. For example:

ScriptEase IDE/Debugger

With ScriptEase:WebServer Edition, Nombas provides the only complete IDE and Remote Debugger for CGI development (ISAPI included). From a remote client the WebMaster can develop scripts, watch the scripts execute live on the server machine, and debug those scripts line-by-line and variable-by-variable. ScriptEase:WebServer Edition brings the power of today's top-of-the line debugging environments to web page development.

The following are examples of scripts that don't run correctly. The fastest way to find these problems is with ScriptEase:WebServer Edition's IDE/Debugger.

  • Simple Calculation This script is supposed to perform a simple calculation. But it is not always right.
  • Length Sorter This is supposed to sort all your input lines by length. Sometimes it does.