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  • SE:WSE Manual - Introduction

    ScriptEase:WebServer Edition Release 4.03
    Thank you for using ScriptEase:WebServer Edition (WSE). We created ScriptEase:WSE to allow web developers to use Javascript for developing server side Web applications. We have enhanced Javascript with commands like the switch and #include statements (familiar to C/C++ users) and the Buffer and Clib objects so you can control files and data. Furthermore, ScriptEase is the only CGI package that comes with a debugger. The debugger works from a client, but debugs a script on the server, saving you from having to download, test, and re-upload your work. Also, because the scripts are debugged in the actual environment where they run, your debugging goes faster and more smoothly.

    ScriptEase:WSE ships with a number of sample scripts, function libraries and HTML files to serve as models. The samples include scripts illustrating various CGI tasks: games, form processing, graphics generation, dynamic HTML generation, remote connectivity, and database connectivity, to name a few. These samples work on all platforms ScriptEase:WSE supports.

    Supported Operating Systems

    ScriptEase:WebServer Edition is available on the following operating systems:

    • Windows 3.x
    • Windows 95
    • Windows NT
    • Novell Netware
    • SunOS(Sparc)
    • Solaris(Sparc)
    • OS/2
    • MacOS
    • Linux
    • AIX
    • HP/UX
    • Irix
    • Digital Unix
    • Free BSD

    We are continually porting ScriptEase:WSE to other operating systems, so please refer to our web site ( for the latest availability. If you need support for platforms other than the ones listed, please contact Nombas directly, by e-mail, or by toll-free phone at (888) 766-6227.

    We have made an effort to test ScriptEase:WSE with all available Web servers (free, commercial, and shareware) and provide an installer and instructions for the ones we have tested.

    ScriptEase:WebServer Edition Overview - CGI Simplified

    ScriptEase:WebServer Edition is designed so that you don't need to worry about the nuts and bolts of how the CGI interface works. ScriptEase:WSE provides one generic interface to use with all servers, so you can concentrate on writing the application without worrying about the way data is processed around it.

    We have simplified and standardized the server environment by offering the following features:

    • server environment variables are turned into native Javascript variables,
    • CGI input data is automatically converted to a useable form,
    • sending and receiving CGI data are each handled by a single function call.

    For those servers that use a proprietary scripting API (e.g. NSAPI, ISAPI, WSAPI, ACGI), ScriptEase:WSE internally remaps the proprietary protocol, so that any SEWSE script will run unmodified on those systems with the same simplicity as CGI (using the same CGI Object) with the performance improvement of those APIs.

    Overview of this manual

    This manual is geared towards people who already have a basic understanding of the Web. We assume a working knowledge of HTML, and the steps required for installing a simple HTML document on your Web server.

    Scripts and libraries are also available from the download section of the Nombas website, at --