Celebrity Visits in the Scioto County Area

1820, 1832, 1845 Henry Clay
1836 President Andrew Jackson
1843 Former President John Quincy Adams
1849 President Zachary Taylor
1854 Charles Dickens
1860's John Denier
1860's Josh Billings, Robert J. Burdette, Henry Ward Beecher
1876 Col. Robert G. Ingersoll
1893 Coxey's Army
late 19th century James G. Blaine
mid to late 1800's Tom Thumb, P.T. Barnum, Barnum & Bailey, Ringling Brothers, Buffalo Bill, Pawnee Bill
1911 Rev. W. A. Sunday
1913 George Hatfield
2002 Lt. Col. Oliver North (Retired)
2002 Helen Thomas