ScriptEase:WebServer Edition from Nombas enables the Webmaster/Web site developer to quickly and easily create exciting and interactive Web sites that will generate more interest, attract more clients, and make the Internet/Intranet

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an extremely effective and important part of any organization's business strategy.

ScriptEase:WebServer Edition is the first Web scripting product with an IDE Debugger, allowing you to debug your scripts from the client while they are still on the server. The SE:WSE Arcade demonstrates the wide range of solutions provided by ScriptEase:WebServer Edition.

ScriptEase:WebServer Edition combines all of the existing CGI interfaces (including ISAPI, WinCGI, ACGI, and LCGI) into one common interface for uniform treatment of scripting across all servers. The interpreter handles all format processing, including hex character replacement and tag separation. ScriptEase:WSE makes it easy to build:

      forms that support electronic commerce
      customer surveys
      database queries
      and games.

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Remote IDE Debugger...
ScriptEase:WebServer Edition's Remote Integrated Debugging Environment permits real-time debugging over the internet. From the browser client you can debug scripts line-by line and variable-by variable as they execute remotely on your Web server. With ScriptEase:WebServer Edition's run-time error detection and IDE debugger bugs won't get the chance to reach (or crash) your Web server!

Multi-Platform Solution...
ScriptEase:WebServer Edition is available for a wide variety of Web servers (through CGI, WinCGI, and ISAPI) on a number of platforms (Windows 3.1, 32-bit Windows ('95 & NT), Windows NT IIS, Intranetware, UNIX, SunOS, Solaris, OS/2, MacOS, and Linux). No matter which platform you're running, Nombas has you covered!
Go here for a list of all current demonstration platforms

Multi-Tiered Solution...
With Nombas' new Distributed Scripting protocols, your web server can takes its place among other servers and thin clients for true multi-server, n-tier solutions. For example, it is possible to have a three-tier client/server database where a OS/2 web server remotely, and almost seemlessly, handles Windows ODBC database lookups

Easy to Use...
ScriptEase:WebServer Edition is based on ScriptEase, Nombas' award-winning scripting language. ScriptEase was specifically designed to provide Web developers with the programming ease of BASIC and the development power of C. The bottom line is that ScriptEase eliminates the learning curve associated with most hot internet languages by giving you an easy and powerful Web scripting language in one package!

Pre-formatted function libraries...
ScriptEase:WebServer Edition ships with a set of function libraries specifically geared for HTML output and form validation. We are always creating new libraries and sample scripts, which are available from the download section of our website. Nombas maintains a mailing list to keep its customers up to date on new scripts, functions, upcoming products, bugs and workarounds. If you wish to be included on this list, send email to the Webmaster!

Security is on everyone's mind as far as the Internet is concerned, especially when it comes to electronic commerce. But not everyone has the same security needs. With this in mind Nombas designed ScriptEase:WebServer Edition to allow you to fully configure your own security wall, tailored to meet your company's and your server's specific security needs.