ScriptEase:WebServer Edition Arcade

The examples on this page demonstrate the various uses of Nombas' ScriptEase: WebServer Edition (SE:WSE). Some of the

examples are useful and some are educational, but they're all free for you to modify and use in your own SE:WSE web pages. Click on any link to view a demo and see the HTML and JavaScript code

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behind it.

Select from these web-application categories:

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Simple Form

This simple form demonstrates ScriptEase's elegant solution for transmitting and receiving form data with calls to cgi.getVar() and cgi.out().

FormEase Form

This form demonstrates the FormEase library, making form validation, re-initialization and processing a snap!

Sales Form

An example of a sales form using ScriptEase.

Tough Form

This is a relatively complex form, with lots of rules and conditions that must be checked. The forms checking is done with FormEase.


This form demonstrates how ScriptEase:WebServer Edition handles different types of data. Answer the secret question and you can see the elephant!



An old favorite. Guess the word...or else.


The popular dice game.


Quickly create a cryptogram. Or try to solve one of ours.

Alive in 1880

Were they around back then, or weren't they? A simple quiz. Also be sure to try the 1950 version.

Slide Puzzle

Slide the blocks around and get them in order.


Pie Chart

Enter data and automatically generate a pie chart with the ScriptEase graphics library.


Use ScriptEase to create image maps with irregularly shaped regions.


Write on the wall with impunity! Add a message to our interactive wall.

EST clock

What time is it in your place? Our automatically generated clock will tell you.

Resource Sharing:


Add or subtract from our image in a World Wide Expression of Art.

Add a URL

Add your own URL to our ever growing list of links!


Talk to the Internet with the ScriptEase interactive chat program.


Secret Admirer

Send an anonymous letter to the object of your affections. No one will know it's you!


Show your sophistication by having your browser display pages in Pig Latin, Muppet Swedish, or a number of other foreign tongues.



Ever wonder about those slithy toves? The mysteries of Jabberwocky explained.

Magic Cookies

Demonstrates use of persistent cookies to track users.


If your calculator breaks down, you can always use ours!

Hit Counter

Everyone has one, and so do we! Our hit counter will tell you if you're the first to visit our page today.


Count to a thousand, quickly.

CGI Fields

An under the hood look at CGI server variables.