Portsmouth Area Churches

1895 Distribution of the Holy Oil
  Rev. Simon Gobiet, charged with being obnoxious
1897 Preachers Condemned for Dining Room Choice
  Rev. Waitman Wilson Adjudged Insane
1899 J.B. Tuttle Assumes Charge of North Baptist
  Hat rule at church
1902 Rev. C. A. Fellows, Charges Preferred
  Ohio State Sunday School Association Convention
1903 44th Annual Ohio State Sunday School Convention
  Furnace Explodes at Christian Church at Portsmouth
1906 Bishop Charles M. McCabe
1910 Free Will Baptists Go To Supreme Court
1918 Methodist Episcopal Church Conference in Portsmouth
1931 Hally Burkhart leaves First Christian Church


Burgess Avenue United Brethern Church willing to strike
1933 Dr. John Collins Jackson, Oldest Minister at Conference
  Fire Destroys Second Presbyterian Church
1934 Pastor Faces Charge In Marrige Chasing Campaign In Greenup
1950 Rev. Wilbur A. Vorhis, Trinity Methodist Church, Portsmouth
1952 Bishop McConnell quoted in squabble
2003 First United Methodist Church Goes Up for Auction