Fire Stories

1833 Sixteen Houses Destroyed
1883 Salt Woolen Factory burns
1889 Riley's Bookstore destroyed by Fire
1894 Bertha Wright Killed in Fire
  Kate Swazel Fatally Burned
1895 Fire Alarms in Disrepair
1896 Oscar Simcox fatally burned
  John Vaun burned to death
1897 William Bard fatally burned
1898 Standard Oil Company Explosion
1899 Burgess Steel and Iron Destroyed
1900 Cuppett & Webb Lumber Yard
1904 Disastrous Fire in Wheelersburg
  Globe Grocery and Whatman's Saloon Destroyed by Fire
1906 Mrs. Louis Neil Burned to Death
1909 Mrs. Luca Snowden
1913 Burglars Fire House They Rob
1930 Portsmouth in Flames
1913 Lawrence Perry family dies in fire
1930 Harbison Walker Destroyed
  Dave Kehoe and Virgil Ross die fighting fire
1932 $25,000 Lost in Fire
  Patrol Yacht Burns
  Bentley Family
  Rev. G. W. Harris and Claude Metz Charged with Arson
1933 Fire Destroys Second Presbyterian Church
1934 Search Starts for $25,000 "Firebug"
1935 Kaylor Family Burned
  Donald Oakes & Anton Staker injured helping firemen
1936 Anna Bush Fraley dies from burns
1938 Kricker Building Burns
1950 Students Dismissed in South Portsmouth to Help Fight Fires