Military Stories

1822 Weapons Procurement
1863 Battery L Fights at Gettysburg
1889 George Wilhelm Scholarship
1895 First Ohio Heavy Artillery
  Mr. A. L. Waddle, Life President of 33d Ohio Veterans' Volunteer Infantry
1896 Col. Wishon killed by Spaniards
1899 Fourth OVI Boys Hurt in Bunk Collapse
  Mrs. Amanda Purcell Sends Substitute to War
1902 General Jacob H. Smith Welcomed Home
1905 Ora Clark, Local Soldier Stationed At Alcatraz
1917 H. K. P. Turner Escapes Sunken Submarine
1923 Recruiting Officers Seek Soldiers for U.S. Army
  War Hero to Recruit Men in This Section
1935 Money for Portsmouth Armory Proposed
1937 Adams & Daniels from Veteran's Affairs
1945 Harold & Helen Goad
1947 Paerl Zempter Killed in Plane Crash
1952 Thomas Bowen Found in Gulf
1953 Pvt. William Shafer
1961 Paul M. Weaver, West Point Cadet, missing
1963 Lawrence E. Harrison Dies in Service
1966 Richard Bloomfield beaten in train station