Marriages & Divorces

1889 Mrs. Gertrude Patton Flowers/Charles E. Flowers
1893 Portsmouth Marriage Licenses
1894 Mrs. Sadie Reed files for divorce
  Allen Day arrested on paternity charge
  Ellen J. McLaughlin Asks for Divorce
1895 Mrs. Eldora Swords elopes with preacher
  Mrs. Maud Willis elopes with bachelor
1896 Mayor Holloway's house burgularized
  Rev. Elijah Dunaway secures divorce
1897 Mrs. Margaret Pauline Herard
1898 Robert S. Barrett proposes to Miss Viola Tupper
1899 Albert Ellery/Miss Lina DeLong
1902 James Holt chokes wife
1910 Jack L. Gehrling & Adeline Born
1911 Mrs. May Perkins threatens death
1913 New Marriage Law in Portsmouth
1926 William A. Voyzey Seeks Divorce from Wife Beatrice
1931 Seymoure Ellsworth Nothstine and Estella Lorene Plikerd
1934 Miss Maude Bodmer & James Lewis
1935 Add Ezell Charged with Bigamy
1936 Dorothy Blakes Marries Clinton Siniff
1948 Barbara Litz vs. William Litz
1955 Walter Sheets Outmaneuvered the Marines
1956 Mary Carter vs. Charles W. Carter