Train Stories

1873 Plans filed for Portsmouth to Columbus Railroad
1890 The Scioto Valley Railroad is Sold
1892 Dennis Mahoney
1894 Attempt to Wreck a Train

A. B. Alderson

  Speed Ordinance
  Mark Mannix Injured
  Joseph Robinson Injured
1898 A Fatal Accident
1899 Were They Asleep?
  Three Trainmen Killed
1900 Frank Kehrer, Railroad Agent Arrested
1901 Cincinnati/Portsmouth Railway
1905 Train Ran Into Landslide
  Mrs. Margaret Weiss has first train ride
1906 Fireman and Engineer Missing
1914 W. G. Geinheimer Injured in Accident
1922 Engine Rolls Down Bank
1932 Train Wreck Poltters Hunt launched
  H.O. Hewitt Elected President
1934 Earl Johnson Killed by Train
1936 60 Workers Recalled
1947 Elby Davis Decapitated in Train Accident
1956 Kyle Foley dies on train