Scioto County Area Schools

1849 Union School Report
1893 Mrs. Uhl's School of Dress Cutting
1895 Prof. H. P. Smith Resigns
  Scarlet Fever Closes Schools
1899 Portsmouth Man Becomes Miami University's New President
1902 Dr. Thomas Vickers
1904 State School Examiner
1907 Ft. Wayne Man Lands Contract to Build Wheelersburg School
1914 Lucasville Valley A Progressive School
1926 George W. Rightmire Becomes President of OSU
1927 OSU President Collapses in Portsmouth
1929 Portsmouth Union School
1931 James McKee Given University Degree 20 years late
  Mrs. Leona Wise Felsted Accepts Portsmouth position
  Wheelersburg School Building Case Before Supreme Court
  Colonel Mercer Gives Out Scholarships
1932 Scioto County's Poor Children Not Attending School
  Arthur DeVoss Elected Song Leader
1933 Diptheria Immunizations in Rural Schools
1935 Pupils Ordered Not to Eat in Beer Places
1936 Leona Wise Felsted accepts position at Illinois Wesleyan University
1937 Wheelersburg Teachers Dress Code
  PHS Band
1944 Portsmouth High School Strike
1946 Highlend Bend students protest
1949 Wheelersburg students walk out
1962 Flu Closes Schools
1965 Fund Drive to buy property for proposed Ohio University