1876 Harrison Township News - April 8
  Harrison Township News - April 15
  Harrison Township News - April 29
  Harrison Township News - August 12
  Harrison Township News - November 4
  William Titus Stabbed by Charles Monroe
1879 Harrison Township News - April 12
1893 Community Happenings as Reported to the Scioto PO - September
  Community Happenings as Reported to the Scioto PO - September 23, 1893
  Community Happenings as Reported to the Scioto PO - November
  Community Happenings as Reported to the Scioto PO - December
  Jail Escape - December 23
  Kenneth Blake Murdered William Rowley
1894 David Bennett Appointed Deputy Sheriff - December 8
  Harrisonville Robberies - December 8
1895 Ananias Weeks Charged with Adultry
  E. S. McAllister, E. M. Lisle, J. M. Violet story
1896 Professor Witman Wilson arrested
1913 Mrs. Dever and Mrs. Kearns Injured in Auto Accident
1929 Alcohol Still Found in Minford
  E. L. Davis Held Up
1931 Minford Happenings
  Robert Mosely Fatally Burned - August 26
  Melvin Brown's Checking Account Robbed - October 9
1933 Bowman Gang is on the Loose
  Mrs. James Williams
1936 Harrison Bennett Heads Trustee Group
  Susie Allen Endorses Indo-Vin
1942 Minford Community Holds Bombing Blackouts
  Leland Gilliland Becomes Superintendent of Delware County Schools - August 19
1944 Storm Hits Area
1958 Tom Hinson bags 12-point deer on his birthday - December 9
1960 Lake Minford is Proposed
1962 Paul's Dairy Explosion
  Polio Vaccines Given
1965 $3 million Train Wreck
1968 Tornado Hits Area
1978 Blizzard
2001 Little League Field Opens
2003 Elections
  Richard White Trial Begins
  Jeff Dodds Becomes Resident of Heartland
  Ice Storm
  Minford Women Exchange Christmas Card
2004 Lyda Smith Celebrates 100th Birthday! - October 14
  Two Minford Men Arrested in Theft of Cattle - October 14
  Three Arrested in Minford Burglaries
2005 Minford Senior Citizen Center Closes
  Local Men Help with Hurricane Katrina
  Lyda Smith Celebrates 101st Birthday - October 14