Legal Battles

1834 Valentine Leopold vs. Elizabeth Leopold
1835 Barbara Ann Musser vs. Joseph Musser
1839 John James Murdered Henderson Berry
1870 Phillips vs. Calhoun
1888 Alf McCoy Gets Life Sentence
  Bob Starks Arrested
1894 Ruth Kelly Confesses
1895 Stephen Strong Arrested
  Thomas McGraw/James Tanner
  Abe Smith vs. Simon Labold
  John Overturf Indicted
  Charles Morton gets 4 years, John Weathernax gets 3 years
  Charles Hoyt Escapes from Workhouse
1896 William Williams Charged with Stealing
  Governor Bushnell Pardons Edward Pollog
  Thomas McKee, Alleged Dynamiter
1897 Sunday League must pay costs
  Penn Heirs of Scioto County
  H.C. Wade Awarded $10,000 in Damages
1899 A J Padan Files Bankruptcy
  Thomas W. Kinney declares bankruptcy
1901 Mollie Frye
1902 Mollie Frey sues estate of William Hill
1905 Herman Hamilton Pleas Insanity
  Fined for Contempt
  Albert N. Burris charged with forgery
1906 John Dever Sues Solomon Dever
  Jarred O. Hughes Indicted for Murder
  Thomas McNeal Convicted of Murder
1907 James R. Anderson Confesses to Starting Fire
1911 Lawyers Get No Fee
  Carl Davis Sentenced to Life
  Dr. George B. Nye Trial Begins
  Dr. George B. Nye Trial Begins
  Dave Clapper & Wm. Hughes Escape from Prison
  Felix Crabb confesses to murder
  Rufus Burcham Owes Life to Governor's Wife
1913 Cox Fair Toward Labor is Verdict
1915 Good Moral Character is Defined by State Liquor Commission
1916 Rich Widow in Cell with Negress
1918 George Washington Baker and Pauline Panatoni sentenced to electric chair
1919 Patrick Hunter Arrested
1922 Dry Law Violators
1923 George Bombrey questioned for trying to sell baby
1930 Deputy Sheriff Lew Turner's Home Raided
1931 Walter Carver Says He was Forced into Robbery
  Miss Jean West Dismissed from Miami University, Court Battle Starts
  Charles Williams Held for Court Action
  William McClanahan
  Marguerite Tidd/Judge William R. Sprague
  Liquor raids
  Arson ring
  G.W. Hatfield
  2 Deputies Dismissed
  Sheriff Office Probe Planned by Grand Jury
  9 Indictments Found Against Ousted Sheriff
  Ex-Sheriff In Jail to Serve 30-day Term
  9 Indictments Found Against Ousted Sheriff
1932 James Myers sentenced to US reformatory
  Louis Dyer sentenced to prison
  Russell May sentenced
  Paul Christian confesses to robberies
  Leon Marshall Faces Forgery Count
  Lloyd Lockhart Goes to Prison
  Virginia Queen Charged with Death
  George O. Scott Sentenced to Prison
  Paul Christian Sentenced to Life
  Arthur F. Young, Refused New Trial
1933 The Lloyd bill passes
  Felming Will Appear
  Grover Fleming answers criminal libel charges
  Pusateri "Love Murder"
1934 D. W. Gustin Appointed to Liquor Investigating Committee
  Meningitis Outbreak in Scioto County Jail
  Damage Claim Case Goes To State Court
  Horace L. Small Indicted
  O.E. McConkey Arrested
  Kangaroo Court Endorsed
1935 Oakley Earl Wyatt arrested
1936 James Thompson Executed
  System Used to Free Prisoners is Criticized
1937 Mrs. John Shope Charged with murder
  Bookies Banned in Portsmouth
  Rocky Howard Freed by Jury
1938 Lamb Apologizes, Disbarment Dropped
1946 Gammon Divorce
  Santa Claus Sues C. F. Rickey
1948  George Kimmell Charged In Holdup
1949 Curtis Floyd Akers Held for Theft
1950 Earl G. Stevens Pleads Not Guilty
1951 Leonard L. Adkins Arrested
1952 Narcotics Probed
  Robert Yates Accused of Raping 3 Girls
1953 Marie Kelburn Arrested
1954 6 Escape from Scioto Jail
1956 Dr. Charles A. Stockham Charged with Murder
1958 Manslaughter Charges Filed
1966 Franklin Broughton Ordered to Lima State Hospital
1974 George Washington Charged with Aggravated Murder